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180 Duo-Phase Tablets
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180 Duo-Phase Tablets
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$0.93 $27.97
180 Duo-Phase Tablets
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12-Hour Duo-Phase Amino Acid Delivery System*
Provides a 12-Hour "Steady Stream" of Amino Acids*
Support Muscle Protein Synthesis
Delivers 6,000 mg of BCAA's and EAA's

Your muscles depend on essential amino acids. They play a vital role in preventing muscle breakdown, increasing muscle protein synthesis, and even promoting muscle growth and bodybuilding performance!
What most athletes don't know, however, is how important timing is when it comes to amino acid delivery. In fact, it's critical.
Amino acids are only available to your muscles for two to three hours, tops, after you consume them.
But now, using our proprietary Duo-PhaseTM manufacturing time-release amino acid delivery process, AMINO-PHASE provides all your essential amino acids (including the vital 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA's) when they're needed to promote real-world results!* During the vital pre-workout period all the way through overnight sleep cycles. That way you don't need to take amino acid supplements at multiple times throughout the day.
This, my fellow bodybuilding warrior, will keep your muscles protected and growing night and day!
How does Amino-Phase, the time-released amino acid supplement work?

The Amino-Phase time-released amino acid supplement is the only amino acid supplement that uses Duo-Phase Delivery Technology, a proprietary manufacturing process based on a bi-layer tablet. In the first time release phase, one layer of the Amino-Phase tablet dissolves and half of the essential amino acids are immediately available for absorption and utilization by the body. These amino acids may be present for three to four hours. Then, just when the first phase is complete, the second time release phase begins, releasing the second half of the...
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