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9 Bars
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9 Bars
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9 Bars
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$2.22 $19.99

Eat-Smart Bar (iSatori) Great Protein. Great Taste. You Get The Best of Both Worlds

Delicious "Candy-Bar" Taste, Voted #1

Eat-Smart has a delicious "candy-bar" taste that starts with rich, creamy dark chocolate covering moist, chewy whey crisps, layered with oooey, gooey caramel and real, fresh-roasted peanuts. Don't let the candy-bar taste fool you... Eat-Smart's nutritional profile is awesome.

Fast, Pure, And Advanced Protein

Eat-Smart is packed with 27 grams of ultra-premium protein, powered by "Whey Hydrolysates," one of the purest and most bioavailable sources of protein available. Hydrolyzing is a process by which intact proteins are carefully broken down into smaller fragments, called micro-fraction peptides. As a result, the protein now has faster delivery and is utilized easier (than regular whey) to help you build a great body.*

An Ideal "Meal" to Feed Your Healthy Muscles, Anytime

The decadent taste and most advanced protein makes Eat-Smart whey protein bars ideal to eat first thing in the morning, before workouts, and certainly immediately following your workout—when your hard-working muscles benefit most from a fast-acting protein like the Whey Hydrolysates found only in Eat-Smart!

Proceeds of Eat-Smart® proudly support the Eddie-Lin McAteer Scholarship Fund
This fund is very dear to our heart, because of the overly generous heart displayed by Lin McAteer, a representative of Europa Sports, who unexpectedly died in car accident in 2008. In his honor, this fund was set up to help kids, just as he did, to further their education in College—based mainly on the character they possess, as well as athleticism, academics and financial need. iSatori, through its sales of the Eat-Smart® Whey Protein Bars, proudly support the Eddie-Lin Scholarship Fund, and have committed to donate a percentage of their proceeds to every sale of Eat-Smart.

Eat-Smart® High-Protein Meal Replacement Bar—Powered by Whey Protein Hydrolysates

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