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120 Liquid Caps
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120 Liquid Caps
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Oxidane X (Infinite Labs) Oxidane X is using the power of a micronized vegetarian Licap liquid capsule, promoting the absorption rate through the blood stream.* This premium capsule is more than a delivery system. With enhanced bioavailability, it maintains its potency while delivering key ingredients to the right place at the right time.* The liquid delivery system disintegrates quickly, is all natural, and provides the solution for sensitive digestive systems.*
Oxidane X is designed to help you unleash your ultimate physical potential while increasing muscle definition.* Support detailed conditioning with Oxidane X, while eliminating excess water without depleting electrolytes.* The potent formula contains added potassium and magnesium to help regulate normal electrolyte concentrations.* Maintain water equilibrium with Oxidane X.* The fluid-reducing herbs contained in the formula synergistically work together exposing the underlying muscle for a competition-ready look.*
Oxidane X may help support stimulating the excretion of fluids, enhancing water balance and nutrient breakdown in muscles, aiding in detoxification, restoring hydration status, reduce bloating, and supporting in weight loss, all while promoting overall feelings of well being.* It may also help maintain healthy kidney and urinary tract function.* Oxidane X, your diet simplified.
Increasing muscle definition and vascularity*
Providing support against excess body water*
Aiding contest-preparation*
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