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90 Capsules
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SNAC Systems ZMA is an advanced formulation designed to significantly enhance strength, endurance, recovery, and growth. Through an extensive search of worldwide medical research data, we discovered that rigorous exercise and stress result in significant body losses of zinc and magnesium. ZMA was designed based upon the biochemical testing and performance monitoring of many world class Olympic and professional athletes. Many 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000 U.S. Olympic medalists achieved their success utilizing the ingredients in ZMA.

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Recovery ability
I bought some SNAC ZMA pills and started my stack. I loved it. On days that I was off Somnidren-GH (you cycle off 5 on-2 off to keep from building up tolerance) I still slept like a baby, and I always got hit with a wave of sleepiness soon after taking SNAC ZMA. For the most part while I was on SNAC ZMA I was eating a high number of calories and bulking and I got great strength gains over the month. 90% of the time my recovery was flawless also.

Definitely quality stuff. I'm going to use it again, probably make it a staple, but I definitely intend on logging SNAC ZMA Nightcap at some point in the near future as well.

ZMA is a simple product. I don't buy into the test boosting abilities of it, so my review is based purely on the sleep benefits of ZMA. I slept like a baby while using it, and have noticed it's harder to go to sleep, and I feel less rested when I am not using it.
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