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100% Egg Protein (Healthy 'N Fit) The First, The Original, Best Selling. 100% Egg Protein. Advanced dietary supplement. Strawberry Passion Flavor. Since we originated Healthy 'N
Fit 100% Egg Protein, no one has introduced a higher quality, more effective muscle building protein.

The protein efficiency ratio (p.e.r.) is a renowned, proven scientific method which determines the quality of protein and how it affects growth.
Healthy 'N Fit, 100% Egg Protein has a higher P.E.R. (3.9 or greater) than any other protein available anywhere.

Net protein utilization (n.p.u) is also a proven scientific method which determines what percentage of the protein we ingest can actually be used
for growth. Healthy 'N Fit; 100% Egg Protein has a higher N.P.U. than any other protein available anywhere.

Healthy 'N Fit 100% Egg Protein...94% Highest
Milk & Egg (with 10% egg)...83%
Protein from the Sea (fish)...81%
Meat Protein...73%
Soy Protein...66%

Egg Protein is considered the most nearly perfect source of protein because its amino acid pattern most nearly matches that needed for human growth.
A protein's chemical score is based on amino acid composition. The mixture of proteins found in egg has proven to be the best quality for growth and,
hence, received a rating of 100 for comparison with other proteins as compared below.

Healthy 'N Fit 100% Egg Protein...100% Highest
Protein from the Sea (fish)...70%
Meat Protein...69%
Milk & Egg Protein (with 10% egg)...66%
Soy Protein...47%.

The most logical choice for building muscle.

While Healthy 'N Fit 100% egg protein is totally instant and delicious by itself, if you desire you can blend some exotic drinks of your own, or try
our protein shake recipes.

Protein Shake Recipes
(for best results use an electric blender)
Juiceshake: Crush one or two ice cubes. Add 8 oz. of juice (pineapple, apple, or the juice of your choice), 2 heaping tablespoons (approx. 1 oz.)
Healthy 'N Fit 100% Egg Protein, mix and serve.
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