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GLC 2000 Caps (GLC 2000) GLC 2000 is a 100% pure, full spectrum concentrate, available in a powerful powder or convenient capsule, to help lubricate and maintain healthy joint function.*

Our specific combination of all four anion bound glucosamine forms: Glucosamine hydrochloride (+HCL) Glucosamine sulfate potassium (-2KClso4) Glucosamine sulfate sodium (+NaClso4), and N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine (GLcNAc) addresses all aspects of ester glucosamine conversion and utilization by the body.* The inclusion of ascorbate and manganese proteinate provides the active biocatalysts necessary to complete the glucosamine conversion cycle.*

GLC 2000 combines the complete glucosamine profile with low molecular weight Chondroitin (A-4 Sulfate,R=so3H/R1=H), helping the body to maintain healthy secretion of metalloproteinase and other related catabolic enzymes.* This specific action helps neutralize enzymes within the synovium, and promote healthy joint function.*

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