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Pro-GF (CNP Professional) Pro GF - There is no other product like it on the market. Through science and research, a radical new anabolic stimulant has been developed. Pro GF is designed for the elite athlete to assist in producing better quality workouts and to help sculpt a larger, leaner, and stronger physique through its unique glutamine preservation action. Pro GF is a synergistic blend of the ingredients that will help to produce larger and stronger muscles when combined with regular exercise and weight training. Pro GF contains a unique, specific ratio blend of amino acids that have all been shown to have a volume increasing and osmotic effect on muscle cells.

Glucose has been added in order to mildly stimulate insulin production because these amino acids, when combined with a small spike of insulin, exhibit enhanced cell volume increasing properties and significantly improved osmotic effect on muscle cells while oxidizing fatty tissue deposits and glycogen for energy.

In addition, Vitamin B6 has been added because Vitamin B6 is a primary precursor for the body's synthesis of carnitine, an important amino acid containing, anabolic compound for elite athletes. In just weeks after you begin consuming Pro GF, the results will be easy to see and feel. Your muscles will feel more pumped, you will notice the improved quality of your workouts, and your recovery time will reach an enhanced new level.

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