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Vegan Glucosamine (Deva Nutrition) Deva Nutrition introduces 100% vegan, animal-free glucosamine. Deva Glucosamine is made from corn whereas most other glucosamine products are made from shellfish or other animals. Other ingredients used in Deva Glucosamine are either plant or mineral based making sure Deva glucosamine is truly vegan, 100% vegetarian. Never worry!, never wonder "Is this really vegan? Is it really vegetarian like they say". To clear all the question marks you may have in your mind we put our product through the detailed and, strict certification process of the Vegan Society, non-profit organization who actually invented the word "Vegan".

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As a key ingredient in cartilage,
Glucosamine plays an important role in good joint health.
Studies indicate that Glucosamine provides the building blocks for constructing cartilage.
Our Vegan Glucosamine is perfect for senior citizens, weekend athletes, or anyone desiring extra nutritional support for cartilage and joints.
Deva Glucosamine is great for people with shellfish-allergy who would like to benefit from glucosamine.

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