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2.04 lb
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Fast Twitch - Caffeine Free (CytoSport) For a limited time, buy 2 CytoSport Fast Twitch - Caffeine Free, 2.04 Lbs. & get 1 FREE! Hurry while supplies last!

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CytoSport Fast Twitch - Caffeine Free is a power workout drink designed to give users explosive strength performance and fuel fast twitch (type II) fibers. It helps to amplify nitric oxide levels for total body pumps. Fast Twitch also has an endo-thermogenic effect which maximizes fat burning after your tough workouts. Awesome muscular explosiveness and size, formerly reserved for the genetically gifted, is the goal of Fast Twitch. Fast Twitch is the first formula specifically designed to fuel fast twitch (type II) muscle fibers for greater muscular power and gains. Fast Twitch helps increase post workout intensity, while enhancing muscular repair. The harder the workout, the more Fast Twitch can help. With Fast Twitch, you may run out of gym time before you run out muscle energy. Fueling type II fibers increases explosive power and speed. This translates into more sets, reps and weight lifted. Plus, type II fibers have greater potential for overall muscle hypertrophy (growth).

Fast Twitch enables muscles to produce more power, resulting in greater heat output. This heat production is endo-thermogenic. Increased body heat, plus enhanced oxygen consumption after hard workouts, boosts metabolism. This after-burn (from more intense workouts) burns more body fat than less intense workouts.

Creatine GCC, first used in Muscle Milk, helps support the body's own creatine production. New Kre-Alkalyn further advances creatine technology. Together, they need no loading, and are pH balanced to deliver massive creatine results. Fast Twitch promotes internal S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) production, highly regarded for enhancing mood and joint support. SAMe,...
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