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150 Capsules
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150 Capsules
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150 Capsules
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$1.33 $39.99

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Blue GrowtH™: HGH Boosting Complex

If there were a way to naturally promote the HGH your body produces naturally in the pituitary gland, this may serve a similar purpose.* Luckily there are phytochemicals found naturally in select herbs that have been suggested to inhibit your body's mechanism for reducing HGH output.*

Controlled Labs has harnessed these powerful herbs and combined them with other compounds. The only name befitting a supplement of this magnitude is Blue GrowtH™.

Key Attribute:

Serum GH level support*

**This product does not contain HGH. It's intended to support healthy, natural production of HGH within the body.
PAYPAL NOTICE: Due to PayPal's restrictions, the PayPal payment method can not be used for this HGH-related product. Please choose to pay by credit card or other payment option.

CANADA CUSTOMER NOTICE: Any supplement containing HGH can NOT be shipped to Canada due to Canadian laws. Customers in other countries need to check with their local laws.

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