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60 Servings
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Orange OxiMega Kit (Controlled Labs) Greens Antioxidant Complex & Fish Oil

Many people don´t realize the crucial effects that overall health supplements can play on their training. Without the essential nutrients your body needs to survive and flourish, it cannot build a strong foundation that is so crucial to lean mass gains.* Orange OxiMega™ Kit was designed to help promote a healthful foundation on which to base your training, diet and supplementation.* Coupled together with Orange TRIad™, you will have your omegas, vitamins, minerals, fruit, vegetables, digestive support, immune support, joint support, and cardiovascular support.*

Orange OxiMega™ Kit is comprised of two products in every box. The first is a Nordic fish oil product that is 60% DHA/EPA. This is an extremely high level which allows for the overall consumption of less fat from your omega intake.* Not only are these Nordic fish oil softgels a nutritional masterpiece, but they are enteric coated and citrus flavored so they smell/taste very good and you will not get any regurgitation (fish oil burps) that is common with cheaper more crude fish oil formulations.* Our Nordic fish oil is also free from all contaminants and is molecularly protected with the inclusion of vitamin E so you can be assured of the utmost quality.

Fish Oil Benefits:

High Potency EPA/DHA*
Enteric Coated and Citrus Flavor (No Fish Burps!)
Free From Heavy Metals and Other Toxins
Vitamin E Fortified To Protect the Fish Oil
100% Nordic Fish Oils

The second component of Orange OxiMega™ Kit is a true sports greens product. Orange OxiMega™ Greens is no ordinary greens product; it has additional complexes geared towards real athletes. The "Cardiovascular Complex" is full of nitrate donor vegetables, including a powerful dose of red beet root, which has been suggested to increase endurance and support nitric oxide levels in exercising humans.* The key to these vegetables are the nitrates that are found in them and...
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