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What Is Volumaize®? BSN has done it again, this time officially cracking the "genetic code" for the critical N-Training™ "Supplement Timing Window". With Volumaize - the Hypertrophic Activating Myocellular Expander. A new category of supplementation, Volumaize is precisely designed to tap into your muscle fibers while you train (N-Training) to boost athletic performance, myocellular growth, myohypertrophic activation, glycogen and essential amino acid super compensation, muscle cell membrane permeability, adenosine-5-triphosphate (ATP, your body's source for quick explosive energy) regeneration, protein synthesis, strength, the working capacity of muscle tissue and recovery.*

Volumaize Highlights:

Increases glycogen and essential amino acid super compensation*
Promotes myocellular expansion and membrane permeability*
Regulates protein synthesis; anticatabolic*
Improves recovery and regulates delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)*
Multi-functional formula helps aerobic and anaerobic endurance*
Smells and tastes delicious; perfect for N-Training (during training) use*

Volumaize Benefits:

Maximizes training performance across all MMA disciplines and training mediums*
Helps regulate fatigue and increases muscular endurance, crucial for optimal performance deep into rounds*
Improves workout endurance and promotes better "in-fight" stamina*
Increases muscle cell volumization, leading to fuller and stronger muscles*
Enhances recovery after exhaustive training sessions that occur multiple times per day*

Why Take Volumaize? Volumaize is a premier performance and physique-enhancing ergogenic aid and dietary supplement, allowing individuals to reap real-world benefits.* Volumaize's breakthrough Hypertrophic Activating Myocellular Expander Matrix for N-Training works by supporting and enhancing the super-compensation of critical volume-related and...
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