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Protein Serum Isolate (Body Genie) Q: What is Protein Serum?
A: One of the Strongest Protein Source Ever Developed!
Protein Serum is the growth factors and immunoglobulin found at very low levels in all protein sources. Protein Serum Isolate is fifteen times stronger than whey protein isolate, making it the strongest protein source ever developed with health benefits no other can lay claim to. This product has the smell and taste of rich chocolate with over sixty studies conducted by legitimate third party research facilities that have repeatedly suggested Protein Serum can provide significant results. You will feel Protein Serum do more for your body than any nutritional supplement you have ever tried, period. The protein is just a bonus and as the name Protein Serum implies, "The Serum is in the Protein!"

Q: What can Protein Serum do for you?
A: Tone and Lose Body Fat!
On a calorie reduced diet, Protein Serum allows your body to tone and lose body fat quickly. Typically when you diet and lower calories below what is required to maintain your current weight, your body thinks you're starving and significantly reduces its natural production of growth factors and immunoglobulin. This causes body fat loss and your overall metabolism to slow dramatically. If you do lose body weight, the catabolic state your body falls into will cause you to lose muscle much faster than body fat because body fat is your body's most valuable source of stored energy and means of survival. Supplementing with Protein Serum while reducing calories puts your body in an anabolic state opposite to the catabolic state it falls into when it thinks you're starving. An anabolic state combined with reduced calories allows lean muscle to be maintained and significantly greater muscle tone to be achieved because stored body fat is used as your primary source of energy.

A: Build Muscle Quickly and Easily!
Combined with weight training, Protein Serum allows you to build muscle quickly and easily. In addition to being...
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