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Quadracarn (Beverly Int.) New QUADRACARN™: 4 Analogs, 21 Benefits

QUADRACARN™ from Beverly International (BI) is the leader of a new breakthrough category of physique and performance supplements known as carnitine analog formulas.
QUADRACARN™ is the world's first such formula containing 4 scientifically studied carnitine analogs plus Gymnema sylvestre leaf extract.
QUADRACARN™ offers potency and versatility unlike any carnitine-containing formula of the:

Tested and Reviewed for Safety and Purity: Like the rest of BI's formulas, all of the ingredients in QUADRACARN™ have been tested and reviewed for safety and purity.

Pharmacokinetic & Pharmacodynamic Balance: Each carnitine analog has its own unique chemical structure. Your body will therefore absorb, distribute, metabolize and respond to it differently.* In pharmacological terms, we say that each analog has its own unique "pharmacokinetic" and "pharmacodynamic" properties. Thus, by combining several analogs into one formula, you can enjoy a broader range of potential benefits.* This was one of the scientific bases for the development of QUADRACARN™.

A "Broadband Generalist": Unlike so many of today's narrow-minded "specialist" formulas which focus on only one or a few actions (e.g. increasing nitric oxide), QUADRACARN™ is a "generalist" capable of an incredible scope and depth of powerful actions.* The carnitine analogs and Gymnema extract found in QUADRACARN™ have been investigated in numerous clinical, animal and experimental studies and suggested to safely provide at least 21 different pharmacological actions in total (see list below).* More actions are being discovered as new studies are completed on these powerful, naturally-occurring chemicals.

"Multi-Dimensional" Bodybuilding: Bodybuilding is not just about building muscle. It requires constant changes in the nutritional, metabolic, genetic, cellular and tissue dimensions, among others. QUADRACARN™'s pharmacological actions...
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