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30 Packets
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Super Pak (Beverly Int.) Super Pak from Beverly International (BI)

Your muscles, liver, heart, lungs, brain -the cells of every tissue in your body need vitamins and minerals -termed macronutrients- to convert the food you eat into energy that they can build with (anabolism). Particularly as we get older, sub-optimal micronutrient intake becomes more common. At any age, however, it's easy to choose the Big Mac over the broiled fish, the cupcake and coffee over the oatmeal and orange juice, the white rice over the brown, and so on. So how do you fill the resultant micronutrient gaps?

You're only human. You can't eat perfectly all the time. Filling those micronutrient gaps is the job of Super Pak, designed as it is to supply your body with super-dietary quantities of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients -in other words, quantities that would be impossible to obtain from a single day's eating, practically speaking.* Importantly, almost all of Super Pak's ingredients are delivered in compressed tablets that have been engineered to disintegrate inside your digestive tract in a sustained fashion, for up to 6 hours. This allows you to utilize a higher percentage of each absorbed micronutrient dose.* Soft gelatin capsules (softgels) are used for 3 of Super Pak's ingredients for reasons related to their oil-solubility.

Each Super Pak consumer box contains 30 sealed packets and is intended to be used on a 30-day cycle. Each packet contains†:

1 large, oval, yellow-orange, sustained-release tablet supplying B vitamins (up to 10,000% of DV)
1 large, oval, beige, sustained-release tablet supplying 1000 mg vitamin C (1670% of DV) from ascorbic acid and rose hips
1 large, oval, brown, sustained-release tablet supplying 1000 mg vitamin C (1670% of DV) from ascorbic acid and rose hips plus 725 mg bioflavonoids
1 small, round, white tablet supplying selenium (114% of DV) ‡
2 large, oval, gray tablets supplying minerals (up to 500% of DV) plus vitamin D...
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