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Density (Beverly Int.) Possibly the most complete formula of its kind!

DENSITY™ by Beverly International (BI) is a leading essential amino acid (EAA) formula in tablet form. It is indicated for advanced athletes for sports nutrition applications including but not limited to building muscle. DENSITY™ offers power and flexibility unique from any other amino acid formula developed to date.

Key Points of Difference (also see "Amino Acid Formula Comparison Chart" below)

Complete: DENSITY™ may be the most complete such formula ever developed. This is because it contains all 8 of the amino acids that are required in the diet of healthy adults. The human body either cannot make these amino acids or cannot make them in adequate quantities to support proper functioning. For this reason they must be included in the diet and are known as essential amino acids (EAA). The EAA include:

1. L-Isoleucine
2. L-Leucine
3. L-Lysine
4. L-Methionine
5. L-Phenylalanine
6. L-Threonine
7. L-Tryptophan
8. L-Valine

Dual Anabolic/Anti-Catabolic: Because it supplies each EAA in ample quantities, DENSITY™ may support your anabolic efficiency by stimulating protein synthesis (anabolism) and suppressing protein breakdown (catabolism) simultaneously.* "Anabolic Efficiency" refers to the efficiency with which your body converts nutrients (e.g. protein, carbohydrate and fat) into tissue (e.g. muscle). No one is 100% anabolically efficient, just as no machine is 100% efficient.

Flexible: Anabolic efficiency can vary from moment to moment and person to person due to a number of complex and inter-related factors, some genetic and others environmental (e.g. dietary). As a complete EAA formula, DENSITY™ can be used to protect your physique and performance gains from destruction (loss) by low anabolic efficiency under almost any circumstance.* Some common dietary factors that can severely lower your anabolic efficiency include but are not limited to:

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