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Up-Lift (Beverly Int.) The World's First "Hybrid" Training Formula

UP-LIFT is Beverly International's (BI) revolutionary new training formula. With its unique "hybrid" functionality, UP-LIFT takes over where "pre-training" formulas leave off (also see COMPARISON CHART, below):

Not just for "pre-training": To limit yourself to pre-training ingestion is to limit your performance. UP-LIFT is intended for ingestion prior to AND during exercise. It is the informed opinion of BI's product development scientists that the best way to produce "sustained action" is to take another serving when you need it. The flexibility to do this was built into the UP-LIFT formula from the very first ingredient. No more "rocking out" for the first 30 minutes of your workout only to find yourself "clocking out" during the second half. From workout beginning to end UP-LIFT fades out the distractions in the background, focuses you on the mission in the foreground, energizes your blood and dials up your intensity.*

For cardio AND weights: As a hybrid training formula, UP-LIFT is designed to sustain high-intensity training performance during both resistance AND cardio exercise.* As above, this flexibility was built into the formula from the beginning, and in response to reports from users of existing products. With its unique hybrid functionality, UP-LIFT is ideal for athletes who do their cardio before or after weights, or during a separate workout altogether.

Totally Stimulant-Free: "What goes up must come down." It never fails. Stimulants create the illusion of above-average energy acutely. A little while later, however, you feel like you have below-average energy. This may explain why some stimulant-containing products hit you all at once at the front end of your workout, only to leave you sitting on the curb in the final half. The UP-LIFT training formula is totally free of caffeine and other stimulants. That means no more sitting on the curb.

Glucose Economy "Friendly": Glucose is...
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