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Ultra 40 (Beverly Int.) The ultimate liver tablet designed for the hard-training athlete who demands nothing but the best! Although Ultra 40 retains the biochemical spirit of the original, its nutritional value is 45 times greater than that of whole beef liver. All of the essential amino acids are present in Ultra 40 as well as B-vitamins, iron, naturally occurring minerals and enzymes. The absolute superior amino acid tablet on the market today!

Why Ultra 40?

All of us have gotten carried away at one time or another, trying to find that one magical or secret supplement that will give us the incredible muscle and strength gains we're more than willing to work hard to achieve, but just don't seem to come quick enough. Some of the newer supplements on the market (creatine being the best example) do work incredibly well for many people.

However, for continued gains one must stick with the basics of good bodybuilding nutrition. And for more than four decades, desiccated liver tablets have been a mainstay of good bodybuilding nutrition. If we could turn the bodybuilding clock back a few decades, we would be able to clearly see how liver came into prominence as a sports nutrition supplement.

Stories from some of the old timers telling of phenomenal gains being made on 100 plus liver tablets a day are very common. (These were 7.5 or 10 grain tablets. Taking 25-30 Ultra 40 tablets per day would equate to this amount due to the higher potency now available.) Strength, size, and endurance increases are almost always reported when an individual gets on a good quality desiccated liver supplement.

What is Ultra 40?

Ultra 40 liver tablets are one of the most potent training aids for the bodybuilder. The formula is an extract which contains only trace amounts of fat and cholesterol, but forty-five times the nutritional value of whole beef liver, yet with all the nutrients and enzymes of raw liver. Ultra 40 has more going for it than any other food supplement being very high...
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