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500 Tablets
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Mass (Beverly Int.) Would you consider it a success if you gained 8 pounds of lean mass in only 16 weeks?

How about if your body fat decreased over the same period of time?

What if you experienced these major changes to your physique by making one very minor change -specifically, swallowing a few tablets with water a few times each day?

This may be the RAREST formula of its kind.

Countless BI customers, including competitive bodybuilders and personal trainers, regard MASS Aminos as a "must have" staple in any serious supplement program.

Here are a dozen more reasons why MASS Aminos is one of BI's most popular investments and so difficult to keep in stock!

1. Exclusive, custom formulation: MASS Aminos is a custom formulation manufactured exclusively for BI. You cannot find it anywhere else. The formula was developed by BI's research and development team at its head office in Cold Spring, KY. Manufacturing the formula requires the efforts of multiple ingredients suppliers working in concert with 2 technologically advanced manufacturing laboratories.

2. Rare ingredient profile: In terms of quantity, the leading ingredient in MASS Aminos is its partial hydrolysate of casein. It is also the anabolic star of the show and by far the most expensive ingredient to produce.* Ads and labels for protein supplements often call out whey protein hydrolysate as their "most expensive" ingredient. Ironically, a partial hydrolysate of casein like BI's can cost twice as much as a whey protein hydrolysate, if not more. The cost of BI's partial hydrolysate of casein and its unusual anabolic behaviors arises from the complex, proprietary process used to manufacture it. Consumers will not find a supplement containing an ingredient with identical properties anywhere else.

3. Scientifically based: Peptide-bound amino acids (PBAAs) like those found in MASS Aminos have been suggested to be absorbed faster, and promotion nitrogen retention to a higher level than when...
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