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BCAA Chewies (Betancourt Nutrition) Betancourt Nutrition Just Made Building Muscle "Addictively Sweet"

MUSCLES SO HARD they can scratch diamonds. THERMOGENESIS SO HIGH body fat bursts into flames. ATP RE-SYNTHESIZING POWER SO STRONG fatigue can�t even get a foothold. NITROGEN BALANCE SO POSITIVE muscle has no choice but to grow. RECOVERY SO BRISK you�ll forget you trained like a savage the day before. What does any of this have to do with Betancourt Nutrition�s new CHEWIES BCAA? Everything and then some. But it gets even sweeter than this.

No matter what time it is, where you are, or what you�re doing, you can give yourself an immediate muscle-building break by popping a new chewable supplement - the only of its kind-- with a proprietary flavor system that�s so powerful we say it�s �addictively sweet�. From the brand with gym cred, Betancourt Nutrition CHEWIES are available in an assortment of chewable fruit-inspired flavors. Every serving goes to work �right-here-right-now�. The only delay is the time it takes you to put one in your mouth and chew.


2000 mg of lab-certified branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) per serving: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine
Zero sodium: promotes muscle hardening (no water retention)
Supports ATP re-synthesizing pathways before, during and after exercise
Supports whole-body nitrogen balance and thermogenesis
Leucine is the most potently anabolic amino acid known to science

Our own lab. Our own formulas. Our own flavors.

Betancourt Nutrition owns its manufacturing lab where expert scientists develop proprietary flavor systems like makers of fine wines. Nothing replicates the addictively sweet taste of CHEWIES. CHEWIES taste so good elite athletes swear they�re eating muscle-building candy. They stack them all day in an effort to push their muscles to outrageous levels of mass, shape, hardness, definition, strength and recuperative power.

Betancourt Nutrition has "Gym Cred"

Amidst the numbing suburban scenery...
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Overall rating
Physical energy
Recovery ability
Value for money
Ingredient profile
Strawberry Kiwi

The world of amino acid supplementation seems to be one driven by good-tasting supplements, and Betancourt BCAA chewies are no exception. The Strawberry-Kiwi flavor is sweet but a bit subdued so you don't feel too much sugar tearing away at your teeth. While these aren't intended to be taken intra-workout, you could, and I did with no issues. I found it more convenient to carry these in my pocket than to carry around a water bottle with an intra, so that was a plus. Additionally, I've had stomach discomfort with overly sweet intra drinks (Xtend) in the past, and didn't have that here. That said, the chewies are more expensive than an intra on a price-per-serving basis. Additionally, the ratio is not disclosed and the label suggests valine is the primary amino, which would be odd. Only 16 calories and 2 grams of sugar, which is probably about the same or better than a typical BCAA drink.
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