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BCAA Ethyl Ester (Axis Labs) AXIS LABS® introduces BCAA Ethyl Ester (BCAAE2™); an anti-catabolic powerhouse. It is well known that the primary functions Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) are to increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Athletes and bodybuilders recognize the importance of BCAA's because protein synthesis and nitrogen retention are essential anabolic functions.

BCAAE2™ utilizes the same ethyl ester delivery technology that makes our NE2™ up to several hundred percent more effective than regular L-Arginine. Now that BCAAE2™ has been developed and vigorously researched, BCAAE2™ provides an effective way to experience the benefits of BCAA supplementation at a whole new level.

The reason BCAAE2™ is much more effective than other BCAA products is because of the ethyl ester added to each BCAA molecule. The ethyl ester makes the BCAA’s less polar and therefore more easily absorbed in the digestive tract. Because of this design, each amino acid can pass through the intestine largely intact. The ethyl ester also protects the BCAA molecules from rapid degradation, making them much more effective in smaller doses than other BCAA products. BCAAE2™ is superior in design to all other current BCAA products on the market and after one week of use, you will never train without them again. If you are ready to take training to the next level and record muscle growth, then you are ready for BCAAE2™.

BCAA Ethyl Ester (BCAAE2™) Benefits:

Dramatically more Potent than Regular BCAA's
Increased Protein Synthesis and Nitrogen Retention
Unmatched BCAA Absorption and Utilization
Specific 2:1:1 BCAA Ratio to Significantly Improve Effects
Potent Anti-Catabolic Activity to Inhibit Muscle Breakdown
Potent Anabolic Activity to Increase Muscle Growth
Improved and Increased Muscle Recovery
Maintain Positive Nitrogen Balance Between Meals

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