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R-ALA 200 (AST) ALA Makes Creatine More Effective! Absorb a Higher Amount of Creatine into Muscles!

Mimics InsulinPowerful AntioxidantEnhances Glucose UtilizationEnhance Amino Acid TransportLowers Blood SugarIncreases Creatine Uptake

What is R-ALA 200?
ALA increases your muscles uptake of glycogen. This increases muscle cell volume and contributes to that full pumped feeling when you workout.

This is a very desirable effect as the increase in muscle glycogen also increases other important nutrient transport that contributes to cell volume and muscle growth.

ALA is not a thermogenic but it does appear to contribute to favorable body composition changes. This is believed to be due to a nutrient partitioning effect where nutrients are channeled more to lean tissue and away from fat tissue.

ALA will help enhance the efficiency of many different supplements. One in particular is Creatine HSC. ALA will help enhance the absorption of creatine into the muscle cell by providing a transport vehicle by its unique ability to mimic insulin. As we said in an earlier answer, you must use ALA in a capsule form and not in a pre-mixed powder.

ALA is also one of the most potent antioxidants available. And, when taken with other antioxidants it actually enhances their antioxidant abilities.

Questions & Answers

I have seen where some creatine powders have ALA added to them to help creatine uptake. Does this work?
No! There's a big problem with this. You see, ALA is a very unstable chemical that will degrade rapidly if exposed to atmospheric conditions for even short periods of time. In fact, when we purchase our ALA it is delivered in special 2 kilogram vacuum packed packages that uses a UV protected plastic. This packaging shields the ALA from both air and light.

It's almost comical how these companies formulate their products. They will read in a magazine where ALA mimics insulin. They will read in another magazine where spiking insulin helps increase creatine...
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