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Ortho-Core (AOR) Ortho-Core is one of the most advanced, balanced, and comprehensive core nutritional supplement available. Ortho-Core is formulated with a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients whose role in supporting optimal health is backed by scientific research. Unique features of Ortho-Core include the presence of the complete E-complex, a broad spectrum of key phytonutrients and substrates for detoxification reactions, the formulation of dosages based on published human epidemiology, and the use of superior forms of nutrients, such as Se-methylselenocysteine and Menatetrenone.

Deficiencies vs. Imbalances
It has been well-established that the diet of mainstream society is rampantly deficient in essential nutrients. The need to redress these deficiencies has necessitated the existence of multivitamin formulations, and these formulations react to perceived deficiencies. If a study suggests we are not getting enough vitamin A, supplement manufacturers will often add an arbitrarily large amount of vitamin A to their multivitamin formulations. If another study emphasizes the importance of zinc, large amounts of zinc might be added in similar fashion. While this might make some short-term sense, it does not take into account that all nutrients work together and in synergy. For example, zinc depends on copper for optimum utilization, preferably in a 10 to 1 ratio. Therefore, any supplement manufacturer who adds more zinc to their multivitamin formulation will have to increase copper content proportionately. Failure to do so will result in an imbalance of this important ratio, leading to the suppression of copper-based antioxidant enzymes. Another example of these arbitrarily conceived amounts are the B-complex vitamins. One might be struck by the fact that multivitamins always seem to list their B-complex in precisely the same amounts. It is always the same 50 or 100 milligrams for each and every B vitamin (except for folic acid). What are the chances of the...
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