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16.8 fl oz
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FWSS LBA Pro (All American EFX) "I absolutely believe the LBA's are one of the main reasons I was able to pack on the mass fast, at my age, and drug-free. I'm proof there is no other amino supplement like this one on the market."
Flex Wheeler - IFBB Legend and "Born-Again" Natural Freak™

Every hardcore bodybuilder or athlete knows that protein is one of THE most anabolic substances on the planet. Problem is way too many set themselves up for major disappointment by using inferior, ultra cheap protein sources. You might be fooled into thinking you're getting a great "deal"...but your body isn't! So why risk it?

LBA PRO is the protein/amino choice for anyone who wants to bring the big gains and not leave anything to chance. And with new Prota-Lyn® EHP rounding out this awesome formula, it's seriously off the hook!

It's critical that you keep a steady stream of amino acids flowing into your bloodstream to feed hungry muscle cells.

In fact, you MUST be certain that more is going in... than out! It what's known as your "Nitrogen Balance". Just like your bank account, if more money drains out than comes in... you're gonna end up flat broke!

It's the same for building muscle. A negative nitrogen balance means your metabolic "bank account" is in the red. And this catabolic state just won't cut it. To put it another way, you're either building muscle or letting it get destroyed!

And that's exactly where LBA PRO™ comes in...

Here's the deal: Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to jam gram after gram of protein down your throat to maintain a positive nitrogen balance.

You see, if you want rapid gains in muscle and strength, then you must understand it's not the quantity of protein you ingest; it's the quality. End of story!

LBA PRO™ is Cholesterol-Free and made from top-shelf, USDA beef. NOT cheap hydrolyzed gelatins, fillers or any other worthless sources.

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