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STEALTH® Muscle Amplification Lean Mass Gainer™ contains a synergistic combination of compounds to shift muscles into maximal anabolic overdrive. Unlike other gainers, STEALTH® is also designed to give you explosive power and strength with it's blend of ingredients. VPX's STEALTH® is infused with 12 key NO-Shotgun® ingredients. STEALTH® allows you to add muscle mass geometrically by forming new muscle. STEALTH® contains 7 potent proteins. This mass-building mixture feeds your muscles with the building blocks to make existing muscles larger and to form new muscle tissue. Whey and Casein Protein Hydrolysates are the most anabolic proteins known to man and enter the blood rapidly causing a massive spike in insulin -- the most anabolic of all hormones including growth hormone and testosterone. These fractionated Whey and Casein Di- and Tri-Peptides have an insulinotrophic effect that forces amino acid transport into muscles to induce rapid growth. Furthermore, this unique combination of fast and slow proteins provides an instant anabolic kick followed by a slow trickle of amino acids for anti-catabolic muscle breakdown prevention. Coupled with these superlative proteins are cutting edge Creatine Nitrate, COP® (Creatinol-O-Phosphate) and Creatine Leucinate to drive muscle strength and muscle growth through the stratosphere. Research suggests that these compounds can activate satellite cells, enhance myofibrillar protein synthesis, and top off phosphagen energy concentrations in muscle. Specialized unsaturated fats are utilized for superior muscle cell membrane integrity along with high molecular weight polymers for glycogen super-compensation. VPX's STEALTH® is the superior muscle mass builder that is perfect to lay down slabs of mind-blowing...
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