Pycnogenol (Biochem)

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Pycnogenol (Biochem) Although oxygen is essential for life, its reactivity with other compounds can be detrimental. Free radicals are the result of some oxygen molecules that are converted into oxidizing agents during the process that creates energy in cells, cellular respiration. Oxygen is a very active element, and in the process of exchanging the molecules in the bloodstream, oxygen combines with many different compounds. Because of free radicals' instability, antioxidants are important for optimal health.*


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Format Serving size Servings per container  
24 Capsules 1 Capsule (50 mg) 24
30 Capsules 1 Capsule (100 mg) 30

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Format Store Notes Price/serving Price
30 Capsules
Shipping: Flat rate - $5.95 within the US  $0.79 $23.69

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